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UK Suppliers of Top Quality Homebrew Kits, Equipment and Accessories

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Vinifera AllGrape Edition – Australian Petit Verdot.


Scotland and Northern Ireland Call

Spitting-Feathers HBC Are PROUD To Introduce these SUPER wines to the UK.

Bold and full bodied, the Australian Petit Verdot is a rising star that offers up flavors of dark fruits; black cherry, plums with firm tannins and hints of spice. A high quality grape from the warm and dry climate of New South Wales offer thicker skins and a rich colour that yields intense big and luscious wines.

Body: 5-Full

Aroma:  Fruity, Spicy

Origin: Australia

Winemaker addition: AllGrape Pack, Dark & Light Oak sachets


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Your guide to calculate ABV, by use of a Hydrometer.

Step 1 – Take the reading of the original/starting gravity (OG/SG) BEFORE pitching the yeast and ignoring the meniscus dip, E.g. 1050 (1.050) on the hydrometer. Note it down.

Step 2 – Day 12/14 take the final gravity reading and again ignoring the meniscus dip, E.g. 1005 (1.005) Note it down.

Step 3 – take away the smaller No. (1050-1005) = 45

Step 4 – divide the answer (45) by 7.64 = 5.89 round it off to the nearest whole No. in this case it’s 5.9

Step 5 – now add to the 5.9 answer a further .5 this allows for secondary fermentation in the bottle, barrel or keg. The calculated ABV of your beer is now 6.4% - Not Bad!!

You can use this calculation for both Beer & Wine making however, because wine does not require a secondary fermentation, please ignore step 5 above.

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