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UK Suppliers of Top Quality Homebrew Kits, Equipment and Accessories

UK Suppliers of Top Quality Homebrew Kits, Equipment and Accessories

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Superior 7 Wine Kit – Shiraz


Scotland and Northern Ireland Call

Superior Seven – The best 7 Day wine making kit, on the homebrew market.

These kits are Superior! to other kits available on the market as we have included specially selected additions such as medium toasted Oak, Dried Elderberries, Dried Elderflowers or Dried Rose Petals making these, enhanced wine kits.

These kits require NO sugar however, to increase the ABV we recommend 500gms of our Beer & Winemaking sugar.

These are the 7 Day wine kits, you’ve been waiting for! Makes approx 30 Bottles.

This kit contains: Dried Elderberries & Medium Toasted Oak.

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Your guide to calculate ABV, by use of a Hydrometer.

Step 1 – Take the reading of the original/starting gravity (OG/SG) BEFORE pitching the yeast and ignoring the meniscus dip, E.g. 1050 (1.050) on the hydrometer. Note it down.

Step 2 – Day 12/14 take the final gravity reading and again ignoring the meniscus dip, E.g. 1005 (1.005) Note it down.

Step 3 – take away the smaller No. (1050-1005) = 45

Step 4 – divide the answer (45) by 7.64 = 5.89 round it off to the nearest whole No. in this case it’s 5.9

Step 5 – now add to the 5.9 answer a further .5 this allows for secondary fermentation in the bottle, barrel or keg. The calculated ABV of your beer is now 6.4% - Not Bad!!

You can use this calculation for both Beer & Wine making however, because wine does not require a secondary fermentation, please ignore step 5 above.

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