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Muntons – Tap Room Series, Belgian Wit


Scotland and Northern Ireland Call

Belgian Wit

This is a Limited Edition Product.
Dating back to the 14th century, ‘Wit’ is a style of beer that originates from Belgium. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this style of beer gets its name from the inclusion of wheat, but the name literally means ‘White Beer’ owing to its light colour. Our version of this classic style gives a complex beer that is floral with hints of orange and coriander seed, plus distinct spicy clove notes from the yeast. Makes 35 pints of approx. 5% ABV beer. Requires the addition of 1kg Muntons Spraymalt or brewing sugar (purchased separately).

Product Detail

Weight 1.5kgs
Brewing Volume 20lts
ABV approx – 5%

HOW TO CALCULATE THE ABV (Alcohol By Volume) for Beers and Ales

1 – If you use 1kg of spitting Feathers’ brewing sugar you will produce a good quality beer with avg of 4.5 to 5% ABV.


2 – If you were to use 1kg (2x500gs) of dry malt extract (DME) – the colour appropriate to the type of beer (see colour guide below), you will produce a beer slightly higher in ABV yet at the same time retaining its body.

OR The Spitting-Feathers’ RECOMMENDATION!

3 – However, we recommend to you, to use 1.5kg of unhopped liquid malt extract (LME) – again the colour appropriate to the type of beer being made (see colour guide below).

The use of a LME will undoubtedly produce a beer of pure quality, depth, body and flavour than options 1 or 2 above. The ABV will be determined by the use of a hydrometer

Your Guide to Fermentable Sugars ADD THIS

Colour guide to the use of DME (2) or LME (3) above.

  • Light - for lagers or any golden beers/ales.
  • Medium - for amber beers ie brown ales.
  • Dark – for stouts/porters and other dark beers.
  • Wheat – for all wheat beers.
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