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Mangrove Jack’s – 3 Tap Kegerator


Scotland and Northern Ireland Call

This item MAY be eligible for free shipping (within a 50 mile radius), please call 01204 535 217 for further information prior to order. Thank You.

Grab a 3 Tap Kegerator and set up your own bar. You can pour three of your favourite beers at the same time. Your beer will be delicious and chilled when poured straight into your glass, and as your beer matures more quickly, you’ll have the mates over in no time!

It’s easy to set up and you only need to add a C02 Bottle, pop in some kegs and you’re good to go. Includes Co2 regulator, keg connections and all tubing. Excludes kegs.

Please note this also comes with a cradle that goes on the back of the kegerator to hold a C02 bottle. This sticks out approx 170mm from the back of the kegerator.

Not suitable for use with our recon kegs as they are slightly wider than new ones so you can’t fit three in there.

163 L capacity 47kg

You can adjust it in c or f and it will go down to 2c. It’s better to use the kegerator in an ambient temp above 5°C, below this and the temperature sensor may not work well and also result in poor refrigeration efficiency. Humidity-wise, it’s ok to use kegerator in areas where humidity is between 45% – 75%

New July 2020 model, featuring:

  • Upgraded Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Ultra Taps
  • Upgraded Fridge with new controls
  • Better balanced beer lines, to reduce foaming
  • Easy to assemble beer and gas lines with push-fit components
  • Tap tower fan cooling system for improved pouring
  • Improved gas regulator
  • Added Wheels for Fridge

No more cleaning bottles ever again!

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