Highly Recommendedd

Well I was sent to Spitting Feathers by another Home brew trader who recommended the establishment because in HIS words, ‘They had a vast product range and a wealth of experience in Home brew, Distilling, Flavouring and accessories ‘. This was 2 yrs ago and I agree wholeheartedly, Spitting Feathers has introduced me to a Home brew range and experience,  I could not imagine achieving in both quality and taste. I’ve tried at least 8 different types of box wine kits and a dozen beer brews in the 2 yrs, all as good as any shop bought wines in the ranges £5 to £ 15, beers the same and have just finished 26 bottles of a Grape Must / yeast only kit (23 litres of grape juice must etc absolutely stunning taste and quality ). I did a Sauvignon Blanc now fermenting a Pinot Grigio. Help always available. Brilliant, I highly recommend them, internet trade is a a speciality either on line or phone. But a visit to the premises and a natter is more rewarding .

Peter Bissell

Can’t Praise this Shop Enough

Have been visiting Spitting feathers for 12 years on and off. Really got back into brewing in last 12 months and the quality of service is just as good as when I first visited in the old shop. He is knowledgeable over a wide range of different types of beers & wines. I have just upgraded to cornys and his guidance on using the kit with the beers is invaluable. Can’t praise the shop enough and love having a good look round for my next brews and asking questions to support my decision. Loads of stock in to hand and if he doesn’t stock it he can source it.
Really excited for his very own Spitting Feathers home brew beer kits that are waiting to be labelled then I can play around with them and in May when I will be ordering my Kegerator from them.

Stu Sheard-Pearson

Knowledgeable & Helpful

After returning to making my own beer recently. It was great to find a knowledgeable and helpful gent running this outlet. He has offered me lots of useful advice. His bags of hops for dry hopping have revolutionised the taste of my beer, giving a fuller flavour. Keep up the good work.

Malc Fleming

Highly Recommended

Great knowledge, well stocked and click n collect.
Very friendly service. Really helpful.. Spitting Feathers for all your home brew. I highly recommend

Dave Mace

Very Happy, Will Return

Helped me out. Will be visiting again when I next need something. Confident that I could get everything I need here.

Andrew Bell

Would Recommend

Been using Spitting Feathers for about six months now since starting to brew again after years off. Seb the owner is always helpful and will point anyone in the right direction with any queries. Good selection of beer and wine kits to suit various tastes and budgets and a wide range of equipment and additions at very good prices which more often than not are cheaper than the vast majority of other providers. A bit out of the way but just outside the town centre and very easy access if using a satnav.

Mick Colbert

Excellent Value

Fantastic owner and quality wide selection of equipment and kits/ingredients.
I bought superior 7 red and white wine both great taste and quality easily matched mid/high end priced wine. Vinifera Noble Red is exceptional taste. These kits are easy to use with the excellent advice from “Mr Spitting Feathers”- his knowledge is very helpful and has saved me money too.
Beer kits and Larger kits are great too.
All excellent value and taste and being a novice brewer really easy to make.

Christine Ann

Happy Customer

Spot on, everything you need in the one place, easy to find and no hassle with parking 👍👍


Helpful & Professional

Helpful, great range of products a real professional.

Ian Lewis

Outstanding Service!

Congratulations or your accolade of largest UK importer, testament to your outstanding service. Also, your new Website, much smoother and easier to navigate. Well done

Darren H.